Peter Neubauer, M.D.

HDRF Founding Board Member. Former Clinical Professor of PsychiatryPsychoanalytic Institute, New York University Presbyterian Hospital.

Peter Neubauer was a renowned psychoanalyst with a private practice in New York. A native of Vienna, Austria, Dr. Neubauer received his undergraduate degree from the University of Vienna Medical School and his M.D. from the University of Bern Medical School in 1938. He served on numerous Boards, including the Sigmund Freud Archives and the Sigmund Freud Gesellschaft. He was a member of the International Psychoanalytic Association and the American Psychoanalytic Association. Previously, Dr. Neubauer served as Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Psychoanalytic Institute of New York University and as a Founding Member of the National Advisory Council for Clinical and Infant Programs at the National Institute of Mental Health. Dr. Neubauer was recognized with numerous awards, including the Margaret Mahler Psychiatric Research Foundation Literature Award in May of 2003. He was author of over 150 chapters in psychoanalytic texts.

Dr. Neubauer was a founding member and Vice President of the Psychoanalytic Research and Development Fund that supported an innovative lecture series at the New York Psychoanalytic Institute, where leading neuroscientists presented their latest findings to the psychoanalytic community. Dr. Neubauer was a Founding Board Member of the Hope for Depression Research Foundation.

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