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  • Louisa Benton

    Executive Director

  • Steven P. Roose, M.D

    Professor of Clinical Psychiatry

  • Huda Akil, Ph.D

    DTF Chair

Chairman’s Council Event Update, Wednesday 26 April 2017

Third Annual Palm Beach Chairman’s Council Dinner

Our third annual Chairman’s Council Dinner on Friday, March 10, 2017 in Palm Beach was festive and engaging.

HDRF Founder & Chair Audrey Gruss hosts the dinner every year to honor top donors who have helped the Foundation grow into a national leader in advanced depression research. This year’s dinner was on the terrace of Findlay Galleries, overlooking the elegant shops of Worth Avenue.


The table was decorated with festive forsythia and tulips in our signature yellow color.

Our thanks to James R. Borynack, Chairman and CEO of Findlay Galleries, and Adolfo Zaralegui, Vice President of Findlay Galleries for co-hosting and underwriting the event. Our thanks also to Chairman’s Council Co-Chairs William Flaherty, Susan Lloyd and Scott Snyder for their support and leadership.


Adolfo Zaralegui, Audrey Gruss and James Borynack


Scott Snyder, Susan Lloyd and Bill Flaherty

The evening’s program included renowned psychologist and neuroscientist Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett, who gave a fascinating and thought-provoking talk on “How to Become a ‘Superager.’” After dinner, guests received a signed copy of her new book How Emotions Are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain, which was released on March 7th  by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.


Audrey Gruss, Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett and Dr. Huda Akil


Jane Bunn, Martin Gruss, Barbara Smith, and Dr. Huda Akil


Janet Cafaro and Myrna Haft


Jane and George Bunn


Mary and Marvin Davidson


Denis and Annabelle Coleman


Lis Waterman, Jane Bunn and Mary Davidson


George Bunn, Louisa Benton and Dr. Huda Akil


Shannon Donnelly and Bill Flaherty


Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett signs her books


The Economist on Mental Health Awareness, Tuesday 28 April 2015

We’re writing to share an excellent article from the Economist, April 25: “Out of the Shadows: The stigma of mental illness is fading. But it will take time for sufferers to get the treatment they need.”

It’s a heartening read.  Campaigns by governments and charities around the world are raising awareness and making it safe for people from all walks of life to open up about psychiatric illness.  HDRF has been working to end stigma since our founding in 2006, and your support has helped us lead the call for change in the United States.

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Dr. Fredric Brandt and the Warning Signs of Suicide, Wednesday 8 April 2015

Once again depression is in the headlines with the shocking and sad news about the suicide of famous skin-care pioneer Dr. Fredric Brandt.

I am particularly stunned because I knew Dr. Brandt personally.  He was a genuinely kind and caring person with great creativity and talent.  I did not know he struggled with depression.

I just saw Dr. Brandt last week and detected nothing different about his demeanor — no clue or tip that he was suicidal.  Even with the knowledge that I’ve gained as HDRF Chair, I am at a loss to understand how a doctor at the top of his field could see patients and friends on one day, and end his life a few days later.

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HDRF in CNN Money, Thursday 5 February 2015

This week CNN Money published an article about depression and wealth that features HDRF Board member Dr. Steven Roose, Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Columbia University.

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