Thirteenth Annual HOPE Luncheon Seminar 11/06/19

Event Highlights


LeAnn Rimes and Audrey Gruss

Maria Oquendo, Louisa Benton and Margo Langenberg

Els and Peter S. Paine III


Kim Heirston, Joanna Goldenstein and Tinamarie Clark

Beth Lemek, Trish Glowacki, Pat Figge, Kimberly Bitterman, Michelle Martinides, Mary Power and Chrissy Mccowey

Ellen Scarborough and Chuck Scarborough

Martin Gruss

Mary Snow and Eleanora Kennedy

Marina Pellecchi and Susan Gutfreund

Teresa Remez and Petra Levin

Annabelle Mariaca and Margo Langenberg

Jessica Gruss and Audrey Gruss

Jamee and Peter Gregory

Eli Thompson and Lis Waterman

Terri Cheney, author, attorney, and mental health advocate

Margo Langenberg and Annabelle Mariaca

Francesca Capetta, Frederick Anderson, Audrey Gruss and Christopher Ardant