New Psychology Today blog Features HDRF Researchers,
August 4, 2015

We’re honored to report that Psychology Today has invited HDRF to create a blog for its website that highlights the latest developments in depression research for the general reader.

The goal is to make our groundbreaking research accessible and useful to people in their everyday lives.

The Hope through Research blog is written and hosted by:

HDRF Board member Dr. Steven Roose (Columbia University), and Depression Task Force members Dr. Helen Mayberg (Emory University) and Dr. Michael Meaney (McGill University).

Check out the first entry by Helen Mayberg, who writes how a simple brain scan may help predict who will respond to antidepressants, or to therapy.

The Psychology Today blog provides over 3 million readers per month with news and information about psychology and represents a major opportunity for HDRF to raise awareness about the critical need for advanced depression research.

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