Mayberg in Scientific American,
January 23, 2015

The new, February issue of Scientific American features a brilliant article co-authored by our Depression Task Force member, Dr. Helen Mayberg, a neurologist and Professor of Psychiatry at Emory University.

“Treating Depression at the Source” outlines Dr. Mayberg’s pioneering work in Deep Brain Stimulation — a novel treatment for severe depression that involves implanting electrodes in the middle of the brain.

Dr. Mayberg’s lab continues to monitor and assess the effects of Deep Brain Stimulation on a select group of severely depressed patients, in a major study funded by HDRF, thanks to your support. The goal of this research is to pinpoint the web of neural circuits that go awry in depression, an ongoing challenge for neuroscientists.

Dr. Mayberg’s work is an exciting example of the cutting-edge research of the Depression Task Force (DTF), an outstanding collaboration of world-renowned scientists working with and funded by the Hope for Depression Research Foundation. The DTF has created a bold research plan to find the brain circuits of depression and biomarkers for new and better treatments.

Dr. Mayberg’s knowledge of human brain circuits both informs – and is informed by – data from the animal research of her DTF colleagues.  Her role in the collaboration is essential to a more fundamental understanding of the brain’s complex mood centers and how to intervene in depression.

Enjoy the article and thank you for your ongoing support. Please consider making a gift today to help maintain this groundbreaking research progress.

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