Why We Walk – The Owen Family,
July 28, 2017



Alicia Owen is a Special Ed teacher at Southampton Elementary School and a mother of three.  She and her whole family will participate in the Walk of HOPE + 5K Run to Defeat Depression on Saturday, August 5 in Southampton.

They walk because after dealing with depression in their own home,  they want to raise awareness in the local community.

“My husband’s side of the family has a history of anxiety and depression,” she said, “and we’ve noticed symptoms in our middle child, who is 13.”

She described it as a dark and scary time.  Her son Will, athletic and full of life, became withdrawn, lost interest in sports, fell behind in school, and talked about harming himself.

Fortunately, they were able to find mental health care professionals who have really made a difference with a course of treatment that involves therapy and medication.  Alicia and her husband are benefitting from treatment as well.  “He’s a happy kid again, excelling in his passion for surfing” Alicia said.  But her family is still on a mission.

“There needs to be more awareness in the schools and in the community,” she said.  “Too many people are afraid to acknowledge depression publicly.  If our story allows others to feel that they are not alone and gives them the strength to seek help, then we’ve done our job to help get the word out.”

We hope you will join Alicia Owen and her family at the Walk of HOPE + 5K Run to Defeat Depression on Saturday, August 5 in Southampton Village, NY.  Walks starts at 9 AM. Rain or Shine!

Depression touches us all, and you can make a world of difference through your support.

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