Leadership Committee

HDRF’s Leadership Committee is the result of influential individuals coming together to support the mission of HDRF. Each member is known for their energetic dedication to philanthropic causes. Although they may not have experienced depression first-hand, they are aware of the magnitude of this medical illness and are motivated to make a difference. They know that, whether directly or indirectly, everyone is touched by depression. Their generous contribution of time, support and resources is essential to HDRF’s work in finding new answers to the problems of depression. As ambassadors of HDRF, they understand and communicate the urgent need for funding new and accelerated depression research. HDRF could not have achieved the success it has had without them.

Leadership Committee Members

  • Catherine Adler
  • Samantha Boardman, M.D.
  • Sharon Bush
  • Anna Chapman, M.D.
  • Jackie Drake
  • Somers Farkas
  • Phyllis George
  • Peter Gregory
  • Sharon Handler
  • Gail Hilson
  • Alexandra Lebenthal
  • Karen LeFrak
  • Dailey Pattee, Ph.D.
  • Nancy Schaffel
  • Andrew Solomon
  • Felicia Taylor
  • Lis Waterman
  • Richard Ziegelasch