Andrew Solomon’s Thoughtful New York Times article,
June 1, 2015

We’d like to bring to your attention Andrew Solomon’s article from New York Times Magazine: “The Secret Sadness of Pregnancy With Depression.”

A longstanding member of HDRF’s Leadership Committee, Andrew is a friend and author for whom we have great respect.

His thoughtful discussion of mood disorders in pregnancy is a welcome example of the kind of media coverage that elevates national conversation about depression and makes it safe to speak out and get help.

The fact that the article points out a discrepancy in reliable information for pregnant mothers managing depression is important.  It underscores the need for research and HDRF’s critical mission.  Every mother needs access to sophisticated, evidence-based information in order to make the best choices for herself and her baby.

The studies of our Depression Task Force are designed to lead us to an advanced understanding of all mood disorders, including postpartum depression.  With your help, we are working tirelessly to yield new knowledge and new answers that can come to bear on the most important and personal decisions of our lives.

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