Germanwings and the Search for Answers,
March 31, 2015

We are all reeling from the terrible crash of Germanwings Flight #9250.  The public cry for answers has been fierce since investigators revealed the crash was deliberate, and the media continues to reveal both new details and speculation about pilot Andreas Lubitz’s mental and physical health.

That Mr. Lubitz struggled with depression is now a detail that looms over this tragedy.  For that reason we’ve received many calls and emails seeking comments regarding depression and suicidal behavior.  However, please know that as of yet there has been no verification of Mr. Lubitz’s actual diagnosis or specifics of his treatment or condition.

Therefore, we feel that the best communication at this point is to say that we cannot provide any perspective on this story until all the medical facts are confirmed and released.  The New York Times has two important articles on the front page today: a news story and a news analysis.  We share the links with you here.

Our hearts go out to the families of all who were killed in this tragedy and to the family of the pilot.

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