HDRF Ad Hits Top 5 Worldwide,
December 22, 2015

We’re thrilled to announce that our new television advertisement is making news in the advertising world.

The spot — which we unveiled at our HOPE Luncheon Seminar in November — has been recognized as one of the week’s top five ads internationally by AdForum.com.  

The fantastic AdForum news salutes the talent of McCann HumanCare, who came to HDRF with the idea for a video spot that would change attitudes and raise awareness about depression.  They chose us as the most advanced nonprofit in depression research today.

The ad speaks for itself.  In a subtle and poignant way it strikes at the heart of common misperceptions about depression.  Click here to view.

When we launch the campaign on December 26th, the ad will have 20 million impressions on television and targeted social media. McCann’s high-level connections will also garner us free ad space on local and national TV networks.

With this public awareness ad, HDRF is leading the charge in communication and transforming how people think about depression.

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