New Study Reveals Tip of the Iceberg,
December 18, 2015

Depression cuts a wide swath across society.

A new study released this month from Harvard Medical School reveals that the entire medical profession is even concerned about depression in its own ranks.  Nearly 30% of new physicians struggle with severe symptoms of major depression, the study says. This is a rate three times worse than the general population.

How is it that those with ready access to the best care can face such serious illness? Stress, silence … whatever the answer, we are dealing with an epidemic, experts warn.

The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, is sure to spark reforms in medical training; but it should also spark broad reflection on depression as a growing public health crisis.

This fall, the World Health Organization announced that depression has become the leading cause of disability worldwide. And though depression affects over 350 million across the globe, progress in understanding and treating the illness has been vexingly slow. No truly new medications have been developed in the three decades since Prozac was introduced.

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