The New Yorker Declares HDRF Study a 2015 Standout,
January 12, 2016

We’re thrilled to announce that The New Yorker has named a recent HDRF study as one of the six most interesting psychology findings of the year (see number six on depression).

The study was conducted by Dr. Huda Akil, Chair of our acclaimed Depression Task Force.  Her lab at U Michigan has identified a new brain protein that could point the way to new and better treatments for depression. The protein is called Fibroblast Growth Factor 9.

This study is just one of many important advances made by our Depression Task Force in 2015.  Working together, they’ve identified a handful of proteins and gene targets they’ve linked to depression and will continue to investigate collaboratively in the coming year.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about leading the charge in discovery research. By pooling expertise and data, Dr. Akil and our elite team of brain scientists are poised to transform the way we view, diagnose, and treat depression and related mood disorders such as bipolar disorder, anxiety, and postpartum depression.

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