Public Awareness Campaign Hits Home,
February 4, 2016

Our new public awareness ad is bringing a message of hope to millions.

The ad was released on Facebook in January and the response to its message – what NOT to say to someone with depression – has been overwhelming.

Immediately Upworthy – one of the fastest growing websites in the world — contacted us about writing a story around the ad.  They interviewed HDRF Board member Dr. Harold Koenigsberg on what to say and do when a loved one has depression. Click here to view.

Meanwhile, the ad has reached over 15 million Facebook users in the past week alone and generated a significant spike of traffic on our website.  Over 375,000 people have viewed the ad and written deeply personal notes to thank us.

We want to thank McCann HumanCare for creating this powerful and impactful ad, first unveiled at our HOPE Luncheon in November.

Here’s a sampling from the thousands of comments we’ve received:

“Seeing these posts gives me hope that one day people will understand people like me who are disabled due to severe depression.”

“Increased knowledge and education through videos like this are bringing more people to awareness.”

“Thank you for showing the world this is a serious illness.”

Our mission is to drive science forward and raise awareness about depression as a medical illness.  We are excited about clear progress on both fronts.  Your support continues to make exciting results possible.

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