Twelfth Annual Hope Luncheon Seminar


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Press Coverage

Event Highlights

HOPE for Depression Advocacy Recipient Ali Wentworth with HDRF Founder & Chair Audrey Gruss

Dr. Richard Davidson and Dr. Samantha Boardman

Lauren Kelston McMillin and JD McMillin

Chuck Scarborough, Audrey Gruss and Hilary Geary Ross

Jamee and Peter Gregory

Scott Snyder and Jennifer Bradford-Davis

Jean Shafiroff, Margo Langenberg and Lucia Hwong Gordon

Eleonore Baughan, Peter Paine, and Elizabeth Baughan

Christine Mack and Kim Heirston

Sandra Allen and Karen LeFrak

Lis Waterman, Marc Rosen and Grace Meigher

Jay McInerney and Audrey Gruss

Daniel D’Ottavio and Claire Dominguez D’Ottavio

Ali Wentworth

Zandy Nalle, Katherine Sidamon-Eristoff, Sophie Glovier, Kimberly Bitterman, Els Paine, Peter Paine, Lisa Granozio, Whitney Ross, Sandra Allen, Andrea Meyercord and Rob Rebak

Barbara Bancroft and Mary Snow

Janna Bullock and Sharon Bush

Cynthia Ott, Laura Nicklas, Evelyn Subramaniam

Chuck Scarborough with Community Ambassador of Hope Recipient Lauren Kelston McMillin

Kitty and Bill McKnight