Why We Walk – Dr. Jonathan Javitch,
July 28, 2017




Dr. Jonathan Javitch is a brain scientist in great demand:  he is Professor of Psychiatry and Pharmacology at Columbia University and a key member of HDRF’s elite Depression Task Force.

On Saturday, August 5 he will be in Southampton with his wife, Dr. Miriam Javitch, an executive coach, to join in the Second Annual Walk of HOPE + 5K Run to Defeat Depression.

“We’re walking because we’ve had people in our family struggle with depression,” said Jonathan.  “I’m a clinical psychiatrist by training as well as a research scientist searching for a better understanding of and new treatments for depression.”

But, he added: “You really confront the horror of the illness when you see somebody you love struggle. We must find answers.”

Jonathan’s commitment is contagious.  Join Jonathan and Miriam at the Walk of HOPE + 5K Run to Defeat Depression on Saturday, August 5 in Southampton Village, NY.  Walks starts at 9 AM. Rain or Shine!

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