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Mayberg in Scientific American,
January 23, 2015

The new, February issue of Scientific American features a brilliant article co-authored by our Depression Task Force member, Dr. Helen Mayberg, a neurologist and Professor of Psychiatry at Emory University.

“Treating Depression at the Source” outlines Dr. Mayberg’s pioneering work in Deep Brain Stimulation — a novel treatment for severe depression that involves implanting electrodes in the middle of the brain.

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2014 Research Round-Up,
January 7, 2015

With your help, our acclaimed Depression Task Force of neuroscientists has been working relentlessly to discover what is at the very core of depression.  The fact that they are collaborating and sharing information via the HDRF Data Center is one of the reasons they are achieving results with their HDRF-funded research grants.

Their research broke new ground in 2014, opening up pathways to find new and better anti-depressants in the year ahead.

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