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Time Together Has Taken On New Meaning,
March 30, 2020

Time Together Has Taken On New Meaning

There’s been lots of good advice in the media about how to stay sane during this scary time, so I’m going to just focus on one area that I think may help us come out stronger on the other side which we will eventually get to. When the sun breaks through, the bands strike up again and crowds gather to hear them, we’re all going to have a different appreciation for what it means to be together with the people we love.

Some of us are actually alone right now, some of us are tucked in with a spouse or extended family. Some are in their suburban or country house, some in their apartment warrens. What I think we’re all experiencing, from daily or more frequent check ins with children, siblings, parents, friends, the Amazon delivery people, the neighbors we sing to from balconies or across the street, is the importance of these relationships in anchoring our lives.

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Managing Stress During COVID-19,
March 18, 2020

Managing Stress During COVID-19

With the new coronavirus spreading, experts say it’s important to look after your mental health along with your physical well-being. (Getty Images)

During this time of global upheaval and social distancing, many who are susceptible to anxiety and depression are particularly vulnerable.

Isolated days at home, fearful headlines, routines upended — these ongoing stressors can strain the mental health of even the most resilient among us.

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Emotional Hygiene,
February 7, 2020


February means Valentine’s Day and that has us thinking about love. Self-love, that is.

On any given day we take for granted that we will brush our teeth, wash our hands, and tend to tasks around the house. We consider this basic personal hygiene. Somehow, though, we have kept another type of hygiene, emotional hygiene, in the background.

Thanks to advances in brain science, we know a lot more about how to best take care of our mental health day-by-day. So this Valentine’s Day let’s make a vow that our daily self-care must include the emotional as well as the physical.

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In Memoriam, Bruce S. McEwen, Ph.D.,
January 7, 2020

Bruce S. McEwen, Ph.D.

It is with deep sadness that we announce the loss of our dear colleague Dr. Bruce McEwen, a Rockefeller University neuroscientist and founding member of Hope for Depression Research Foundation’s (HDRF) Depression Task Force, who died on January 2 at age 81 after a brief illness.

Bruce McEwen was a giant in the field of neuroscience who transformed our understanding of how the brain changes throughout life.  He is renowned for his studies on how stress hormones reshape neural circuits in the brain — work that has profound implications for public health and the understanding and treatment of depression.

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#GivingTuesday 2019,
December 4, 2019

Yesterday, our extraordinary donors came together to help us surpass our $20,000 goal.

For 24 hours, people around the world unite to celebrate generosity and make an impact. Every dollar donated to HDRF’s #GivingTuesday campaign will go directly towards our Next Generation Mental Health program. This program aims to increase understanding and awareness about mental health and remove the stigma of seeking treatment.

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