Room Setting Designers:

Scott Snyder, HDRF Palm Beach Chair

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Mr. Snyder started his business in 1984 in Palm Beach, and has since become one of America’s most noted and successful interior designers. The design firm has become known for an impressive body of work, both nationally and internationally, recognized for combining the finest antiques into updated traditional settings with magnificent use of color and the highest level of detail.

The room setting by Scott Snyder was a magnificent chinoiserie music pavilion that celebrated the role of music and beauty in our lives. Decorated in soothing creams and pale blues, the room featured hand-painted wallpaper with birds on branches, a piano and a harp, and grand French doors that opened onto a garden scene with live parakeets.

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Bruce Bierman


Mr. Bierman has specialized in residential and commercial design since 1984. His work epitomizes an East Coast style with a sophisticated but understated aesthetic that has become the hallmark of his work. Trained in architecture and fine art at the Rhode Island School of Design, he combines pragmatism with a sense of beauty to create highly-personalized environments that are both viscerally and visually soothing. His approach is frequently likened to couture workmanship, using the finest materials and customized furniture design.

The room setting by Bruce Biermanplayed on the themeHappiness is: Candy,” with overflowing bowls of colorful, edible candy juxtaposed against the backdrop of a subtle and sophisticated dining room. A pair of elegant barrel chairs presided over a color scheme of neutral browns and mahogany wood, punctuated by a still-life painting of chocolates and roses.

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Jim Aman & John Meeks

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Jim Aman has taken a decade of traditional design experience from Ralph Lauren’s interior design division to his own work since 1994. He and partner John Meeks are widely noted for bringing glamour and elegance to modern and contemporary homes, in a way that is relaxed and inviting. Their design motto is “updated interpretation of classic elegance.” Their trademark is the use of contemporary art with period antiques.

The room setting by Jim Aman & John Meeks was a rendition of a classic villa in Capri, surrounded by tranquil, turquoise water and lemon trees. The blue and white fabrics played off the white room, creating a dramatic, yet serene escape, right down to a soundtrack of gentle waves lapping around the famous fraglioni rocks.

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Campion Platt

Campion Platt Portrait

For the past 20 years, Campion Platt has shown clients across the country how to make modern design sophisticated. Whether he is designing a custom residence, a boutique hotel, or a line of furniture, Platt has one thing in mind: bespoke luxury. Campion’s idea of luxury combines fine craftsmanship and contemporary styling with eco-sensitive design, and he often selects opulent unexpected finishes to accentuate spatial forms.

The room setting by Campion Platt focused on our soul-soothing connection with nature. His design featured leaf and animal print motifs, with a wide array of contrasting yet harmonious textures, furniture, and art. The over-sized photo-realism painting of branches and leaves seemed to spill into a room of sophisticated color palette of mauve, grey, green and white reptile-like wood textures.

Photo 7 - Campion and Tatiana Platt and Family
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Jennifer Post


Jennifer Post is known for extensive use of glass, white surfaces, and striking touches of color. She brings streamlined, contemporary interior architecture to large-scale, open spaces. Her ultimate goal is to create solidity and gentleness at the same time, and to make rooms that are crisp and sleek but inviting.

Jennifer Post, who is known for the best of high contemporary design, created a mid-century modern living room with two distinct seating areas. Her love of reflective surfaces was revealed in the use of the 1930’s Georg Jensen antique square tray as a reflective foil inside the opening of a high-gloss veneer cabinet. Her distinct use of pairs — consoles, mirrors, chairs and chandeliers — created a continuous rhythm and visual tranquility.

Jennifer Post