The Chairman’s Council

HDRF celebrated the launch of its new Chairman’s Council with an Inaugural Dinner in New York City on May 19, 2015.

The mission of the Chairman’s Council is to deepen and broaden support for HDRF’s breakthrough research through an active schedule that offers members insider’s access to leading psychiatrists and the latest research progress of the Depression Task Force.

Through gifts of $10,000 or more annually, members of The Chairman’s Council will form the financial foundation to ensure continued success of HDRF’s unique research model.

Please contact our Director of Development for more information about the Chairman’s Council.


Here are some pictures from the May 19 event.

Chairman’s Council Co-Chairs William Flaherty, Susan Lloyd & Scott Snyder with HDRF Founder & Chair Audrey Gruss

HDRF Board of Directors member, Dr. Steven Roose with Depression Task Force members Dr. Rene Hen and Dr. Jonathan Javitch


Hilary & Wilbur Ross


Christopher Meigher and Martin Gruss

Arts Committee members John Meeks and Jim Aman with Audrey Gruss

Depression Task Force member Dr. Helen Mayberg engaging with guests

Edmund & Nancy Dunst

Diana Quasha, Audrey Gruss and Grace Meigher

Scott Snyder designed the magical room decor in the HDRF signature colors of yellow and gray

Dr. Steven Roose with Kim Heirston and Richard Evans

Audrey & Martin Gruss with Amanda Gruss Chambers

Lis Waterman, Richard Ziegelasch

Marjorie & Alexander Federbush

HDRF Executive Director Louisa Benton with Kristen & Charlies Krusen and Bonnie Pfeifer Evans

Arts Committee member Christopher Mason and Audrey Gruss

Martin Gruss with HDRF Board member Dr. William Speck and Dr. Evelyn Gruss Lipper Speck


Victoria Wyman and Richard Evans